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RioLee Fashion > Analyzing
RioLee Fashion > Analyzing

A good way to start figuring out buyer needs is researching and developing our buyer personas – detailed representations of different segments of your audience. We can include demographic information about customers, as well as their goals, needs, and pain points.

Analyze Buyer needs

According to the concept of customer centrality, the customer’s needs wants and predispositions must be the starting point for all decision-making within the organization. Customer centrality is a matter of finding needs and filling them, rather than making products and selling them. The reason is that unless we create value for customers, they will not offer value in return. So, analyzing customer needs should be the very first thing to do.

Organizing materials

In every clothing factory, the first stage is fashion forecasting and sketching ideas in the design development process. The next stage is the development of the sample garment, which involves collection planning, pattern making, grading and production of sample garments, and cost of garments based on the working sketches. The line or the products are then appraised for production the patterns adopted for the production requirement.

Some of the key reasons why customers choose Rio Lee Fashion

  • Integrity and commitment
  • Over 05 years of experience in the sourcing business
  • Over 15 trained employees
  • Strong employee ownership
  • Strong client base
  • Comprehensive product and sample development
  • Customer service offices
  • Comprehensive quality assurance
  • Fulfillment of documentation requirements of various importing countries.
  • Quality assurance teams in all major production units
  • Sourcing and evaluation of new vendor suppliers