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Uttara, Dhaka-1230, Bangladesh.
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RioLee Fashion > Company Profile
RioLee Fashion > Company Profile

About Rio Lee Fashion

Rio Lee Fashion. A leading Buying House of Bangladesh is engaged in buying and selling all sorts of readymade garments & has been focusing on international garment merchandising. We specialize in both woven/knitted tops and bottoms and act as Factory owners’ representatives. In nutshell. Rio Lee Fashion is one center, where all Garment related requirements of a Buyer are satisfied. Being in daily touch with the Industry, we are able to offer any of your requirements at a very competitive price with consistent quality. We have developed a sound base sourcing which has proved itself as reliable, both, in terms of quality and supply. We hereby undertake to provide.

Our Vision

We put in great effort towards maintaining a high level of integrity in a business that is marred with problems, delays, and human errors. As the watchmen of controlling and avoiding errors, our team members work long hours to ensure timely responses and to minimize problems. Our model is simple yet different.

We believe in sharing ownership with our team members, thus providing them the incentive to rise to their best ability, in turn, minimizing complacency and bureaucracy in the workplace. Our owner-operated offices have a commercial obtainment yet conform to our internal systems both operational and in maintaining Rio Lee Fashion.


Our Company Profile

Rio Lee Fashion is one of the reliable Garments Buying houses in Bangladesh, Which is exporting RMG to Europe, the U.S.A., Canada, Australia & worldwide Basis.

Rio Lee Fashion’s structure and facilities provide a contented environment to ensure superior quality all through the product life seriatim. Focused on making all shots of order right from the beginning, we have a multi-disciplinary design and development team which includes experienced professionals in the fields of textile and apparel manufacturing, industrial engineering, quality control, merchandising, and sourcing. Thanks to a strong technical team and coupled with the best equipment in the industry, Rio Lee Fashion can produce a wide range of garments for knitting and weaving both which gives our clients a more sensibly advantage to effective apparel sourcing and procurement. To whom we are working in this field would like to give many thanks for their kind co-operation and help in each & every field.

  • In the year 2017 and dealing with full.
  • Fledged operation with several buyers around the world.
  • Ensure superior quality of the product.
  • We can produce a wide range of garments.
Our ability
  • To source very good manufacturers of garments including men’s, ladies, girls, boys, and children.
  • To accept garment orders at a very competitive price with GSP or without GSP.
  • On-time Supply.
Quality & Service
  • The best quality.
  • The best price and payment conditions.
  • The best service and deliveries.
  • On-time delivery to the client.
  • We have Supported all  Buyers 24/7.